Adjustable Bed Frame

A metal adjustable bed frame is a great way to get the most from a bed and make sure it can fit your family needs for years to come. There are of course two kinds of adjustable bed frames. The first would be a frame for an adjustable bed, like those used for special medical care or in hospitals.

The second would a bed frame that is adjustable to fit the different size beds on the market. I have used both and can say with assurance that they serve different function but both have great benefits to any family.

So the first adjustable bed frame is for a bed that can adjust to different positions for medical or health and comfort reasons. These beds are used for people later in life who benefit from an adjustable bed. This can be for easier access to medical care or because they have suffered injuries where only certain positions bring rest to their bodies.

These adjustable bed frames are made from reinforced steel and aluminum because they have to not hold hold the weight of the body but they need to be able to move the body up and down as well. An electric adjustable bed frame is never the part of the bed that actually breaks, its almost always a motor.

The second type of adjustable bed frame is the one that is a standard bed frame that adjusts to fit different bed sizes ranging usually up and down 1 or 2 sizes. Meaning the same frame that can fit a twin can fit a full and queen but not a king. Most people get these type of adjustable bed frames because they can be used in different rooms and with different beds which usually end up accommodating a child for several years.

Additionally if you have a bed that you want to move from your kids room into a guest room and up-grade their childhood bed to a queen for the guests you can save because you don’t need to buy an additional frame.

Finally, despite what the manufacturer says, some beds are just simply different sizes. Usually they are only off by a few inches here or there but anyone who has kicked a bed frame corner can tell you it is a painful mistake not to match the frame to the bed. An adjustable bed frame makes it so you can bring the frame in to account for the small variations and get a perfect fit every time.

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