Brief Introduction to Propane Heaters

Previously we did an article about patio heaters. As a follow up to that article, the site we linked to Space Heater Pro have provided us with a short introduction to propane heaters, which we are happy to publish.

Propane heaters are great as portable space heaters. They work wonderfully if you just need to heat up one room or a small space. Portable propane space heaters are perfect for use in your garage or workshop, or in a tent or around a fishing hole.

Great Emergency Heaters

Propane heaters do not need electricity to work. That makes them handy for winter storms when you might lose electricity or on trips or places where you might not have electricity. Portable propane space heaters work best outdoors. They look very nice on a patio. You can have a lovely night outside on your patio or balcony with the space heater warming you. When using a space heater inside you must be careful of carbon monoxide fumes. In such a situation it may be better to use an infrared heater, as these emit no fumes.

It may not make sense to ventilate the room you are trying to heat but you must not allow the gasses to accumulate inside. Many people get in trouble because they do not adequately vent the room.

Propane heaters are great portable heaters for use in a variety of situations

The worse mistake you can make is to pull out the old space heater in the basement that has not been used for a while. Do not use old and possibly dangerous heaters. Make sure you have a UL listed sticker on your heater. A new space heater does not have to cost a lot of money; there are many cost effective heaters available. You are better off spending the money than taking the risk of using a dangerous heater. Your heater will not save you any money if it is not working efficiently.

Convenient Heaters

They are handy because you can move them easily to heat up another room. Many people will use a space heater in rooms that are more heavily used and close off the rest. This method works well even in smaller homes. Everyone has rooms that they use less frequently during different times of the day or night. You can close the room vents, close doors, and only heat the rooms when you go in them. The difference in your electric bill may be worth the inconvenience of moving the heater from room to room. A good portable space heater can quickly and efficiently heat up a small office or bathroom.

Propane space heaters usually cost less to run than equivalent electric heaters. By heating only a portion of your home, you are using less electricity, saving money, and using an alternative form of heat.

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