Adjustable Bed Frame

A metal adjustable bed frame is a great way to get the most from a bed and make sure it can fit your family needs for years to come. There are of course two kinds of adjustable bed frames. The first would be a frame for an adjustable bed, like those used for special medical care or in hospitals.

The second would a bed frame that is adjustable to fit the different size beds on the market. I have used both and can say with assurance that they serve different function but both have great benefits to any family.

So the first adjustable bed frame is for a bed that can adjust to different positions for medical or health and comfort reasons. These beds are used for people later in life who benefit from an adjustable bed. This can be for easier access to medical care or because they have suffered injuries where only certain positions bring rest to their bodies.

These adjustable bed frames are made from reinforced steel and aluminum because they have to not hold hold the weight of the body but they need to be able to move the body up and down as well. An electric adjustable bed frame is never the part of the bed that actually breaks, its almost always a motor.

The second type of adjustable bed frame is the one that is a standard bed frame that adjusts to fit different bed sizes ranging usually up and down 1 or 2 sizes. Meaning the same frame that can fit a twin can fit a full and queen but not a king. Most people get these type of adjustable bed frames because they can be used in different rooms and with different beds which usually end up accommodating a child for several years.

Additionally if you have a bed that you want to move from your kids room into a guest room and up-grade their childhood bed to a queen for the guests you can save because you don’t need to buy an additional frame.

Finally, despite what the manufacturer says, some beds are just simply different sizes. Usually they are only off by a few inches here or there but anyone who has kicked a bed frame corner can tell you it is a painful mistake not to match the frame to the bed. An adjustable bed frame makes it so you can bring the frame in to account for the small variations and get a perfect fit every time.

Getting Creative with Pendant Lights

If you are considering pendant lighting, you will of course have to take into account your own personal design preferences. There are many styles and sizes of pendants to fit pretty much any situation. Some very creative people and artist types even enjoy creating their own light designs. I asked my friend Jasmine, the interior designer, to write a bit about her take on pendant lights. I think you will find some helpful tips in her rather poetic approach to the subject.

The world of darkness departed from its confines by the emergence of light, marvelous and beautiful light. No one can ignore the enchantment of light especially if it is presented in an artistic and creative stage, enveloped in colors and forms that capture its illumination in order to enhance its brightness.

The sun is better to look at in all its warmth and splendor than a naked fluorescent bulb that strikes the eyes quite offensively. Artificial lighting needs to be wrapped in ribbons and trimmings to make them more functional and more appealing. A ceiling-mounted circular bulb that is covered by a frosted glass diffuser lightens up a bedroom up to an appropriate extent so as to calm people’s nerves instead of agitating them with its steely glare.

Imagine a chandelier with exposed ugly bulbs and wires in an elegant dining room. It just wouldn’t do. It has to be enfolded in tinted glass and Swarovski crystals to be presentably suited to the interior’s intimidating and classy ambiance.

Modern interior design recognizes that sometimes, less is more. The elaborate adornments of light bulbs within hanging chandeliers have been simplified in the form of inventive pendant lights. They have a sophistication that is characterized by their contemporary silhouette, streamlined yet very attractive.

Their modern versions have artistic designs that create a strong impact to the interiors where they are used. Pendant lights differ from chandeliers in their form. They are composed of a single hanging light fixture while chandeliers have multiple intertwining lights.

Modern pendant lights have three variations, namely the conventional, inverted and mini lights. Conventional ones have umbrella-type forms with their opening at the bottom. Inverted pendant lights on the other hand, have their opening at the top. The mini type as their name implies are small hanging lights with similar sizes and varying heights.

The ideal choice for small dining rooms would have to be the conventional and inverted types because they are singular and they serve as a focal element to the space. For large dens and corner areas of rooms, several mini pendant lights can be used for mood lighting and to create an artistic spectacle to an otherwise dull and boring area.

One to three small hanging lighting fixtures focusing on the bar counter provide task lighting and enhances the mood of the area. You may also use pendant track lighting that has a connection among two to three mini lights. Do not limit yourself to three identical lights, you can be totally artistic with the combinations.

There is a wide selection of designs for pendant lighting fixtures. They vary in sizes, shapes and colors. The prices also differ depending on brands and materials used. Huge sculptural pendant lights have interesting and awe-inspiring designs such as sharp and pointed glass, round and colorful with mosaic mirrors and laminated glass, edgy and metallic with swirling forms, etc.

These attractive and very noticeable designs can be designated in hotel lobbies, grand ballrooms and high-end restaurants with high ceilings. Simple and functional conventional pendant lighting can be hung at the ceiling of large industrial kitchens, main working areas in factories and school canteens because they distribute task lighting liberally and small inverted pendant lighting can be assigned to illuminate desks in private commercial and home offices.

Mini pendant lighting will look great in bars and restaurants because they add to the inviting ambiance of these commercial establishments.

Creating your own pendant lights is an inventive way to personalize your homes. If you are a restaurant or cafe owner, you can also experiment with design variations in lighting fixtures so that you commercial space can have interior elements that look like no other, a sort of identifiable trademark to attract patrons and customers.

You can start by exploring the use of different materials for the cover of the light bulbs. Then you can play with sizes and colors that will enhance their look.

Lantern paper formed into a hollow cylindrical shape to accommodate the light bulb and using exposed twigs of trees for support can fit a country style dining room.

You can use curtain or upholstery fabric, with any possible pattern you can conceive of and adhere to a metal frame with funky geometric shapes. You can poke holes on the fabric to allow light to go out and for interesting effect.

You can add layers to the pendant light in reference to its height. You can use three bulbs and encase them in inverted glass covers and make them drop down in three layers.

Small wine bottles or glass jars with different colors can be used as mini pendant lights by inserting the bulbs inside and securing the nozzle for the wires. You can have several of these hanging down in different heights in your foyer or your bedroom. You do not have to follow standard headroom clearance by placing them in room corners or near the walls where they will not be touched or bumped into.

Getting the Most from the Space in Your Children’s Room

There are a number of ways you can get the most from the available area in a child’s room, and getting full size bunk beds is just one. You can get a trundle bed that has a pull out under neath the normal size bed.

There are a number of bed / storage combination beds you can get and more and more designers have taken these functional ideas to create really good looking furniture. The reason full size bunk beds are such a great option is because it gives you space now and longevity for continued future use.

You can save space and create lots of storage with a bunk bed

Giving you space now is pretty inherent in the function of any bunk bed you buy. The whole idea is to stack the beds so you can have two for the price of one and save you the area of the second bed. Full size bunk beds are going to take just a little more space but you gain added functionality in that they are bigger and can handle a more diverse crowd of guests.

The only down side to having full size bunk beds for kids is that unless you purchase one that has a super sturdy frame you may have to deal with the bed warping and bending over time.

It can be hard to feel good about expecting guests to use a bunk bed that is a single or twin because it is so small. With a full size bunk bed you are giving more room to the user and this will allow you to use the bed for a longer period of time making it a more economical purchase in the long run.

You start running into space issues with things like full size bunk beds with stairs because the stairs are also going to take up a certain amount of room.

The best place for a larger set of bunk beds like these are in a cabin or second home somewhere. My wife and I watched the HGTV special for the new home they are giving away in 2011 and they had 4 sets of bunks beds. It made more sense because the beds were used more to accommodate sleepers than to have someone live there long term.

Simmons Adjustable Beds Company

The history of the Simmons bed company is long and kind of cool. They started in 1870 and originally made cheese boxes and wooden insulators. Today they are the makers of ComfortPedic, Simmons Kids, Beautyrest Black and Natural Care, all registered trademarks. A few years later in 1876 they decided to make the change to wire mass produced woven mattresses.


In the late 1890’s when the industrial revolution was at its peak Simmons developed a new manufacturing technique and quickly applied it to their most popular brands. Spiral spring coils were first introduced and the new techniques in manufacturing dropped the price of the mattress. Previously with costly procedures the mattresses were $12 but the new techniques dropped them to just under $1 dollar.

An employee of the Simmons company patented the inner spring coil, his name was James Marshall. Unfortunately the process for making the coil at the time was manual and took considerable time to produce. As a result the only places you could find such luxury was on cruise liners like none other than the Titanic.

Growth Phase

After the turn of the century Simmons pioneered modern advertising campaigns for the mattress with a 2 page layout in the Saturday Evening Post in 1916. After World War I the cotton first felt mattresses were introduced.

By that time Simmons had acquired manufacturing locations in San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Seattle and Atlanta. Simmons used that network to create a nationwide service station where you could see samples of the beds in the store itself and then have the bed delivered to your home within 24 hours.

The Modern Business

Moving into the 1950’s Simmons Adjustable Beds Company had developed the first King and Queen size mattresses and they were prominently advertised in many mainstream publications.

Adjustments were made to the beds designs and new products were released over the next fifty years including the Backcare line whose specific intentions were to make sure you slept with proper spinal alignment. Over the last 10 years they have introduced the pocket coil system and a new mattress size, the Olympic queen which offers an additional 6 inches.