Getting the Most from the Space in Your Children’s Room

There are a number of ways you can get the most from the available area in a child’s room, and getting full size bunk beds is just one. You can get a trundle bed that has a pull out under neath the normal size bed.

There are a number of bed / storage combination beds you can get and more and more designers have taken these functional ideas to create really good looking furniture. The reason full size bunk beds are such a great option is because it gives you space now and longevity for continued future use.

You can save space and create lots of storage with a bunk bed

Giving you space now is pretty inherent in the function of any bunk bed you buy. The whole idea is to stack the beds so you can have two for the price of one and save you the area of the second bed. Full size bunk beds are going to take just a little more space but you gain added functionality in that they are bigger and can handle a more diverse crowd of guests.

The only down side to having full size bunk beds for kids is that unless you purchase one that has a super sturdy frame you may have to deal with the bed warping and bending over time.

It can be hard to feel good about expecting guests to use a bunk bed that is a single or twin because it is so small. With a full size bunk bed you are giving more room to the user and this will allow you to use the bed for a longer period of time making it a more economical purchase in the long run.

You start running into space issues with things like full size bunk beds with stairs because the stairs are also going to take up a certain amount of room.

The best place for a larger set of bunk beds like these are in a cabin or second home somewhere. My wife and I watched the HGTV special for the new home they are giving away in 2011 and they had 4 sets of bunks beds. It made more sense because the beds were used more to accommodate sleepers than to have someone live there long term.

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