Simmons Adjustable Beds Company

The history of the Simmons bed company is long and kind of cool. They started in 1870 and originally made cheese boxes and wooden insulators. Today they are the makers of ComfortPedic, Simmons Kids, Beautyrest Black and Natural Care, all registered trademarks. A few years later in 1876 they decided to make the change to wire mass produced woven mattresses.


In the late 1890’s when the industrial revolution was at its peak Simmons developed a new manufacturing technique and quickly applied it to their most popular brands. Spiral spring coils were first introduced and the new techniques in manufacturing dropped the price of the mattress. Previously with costly procedures the mattresses were $12 but the new techniques dropped them to just under $1 dollar.

An employee of the Simmons company patented the inner spring coil, his name was James Marshall. Unfortunately the process for making the coil at the time was manual and took considerable time to produce. As a result the only places you could find such luxury was on cruise liners like none other than the Titanic.

Growth Phase

After the turn of the century Simmons pioneered modern advertising campaigns for the mattress with a 2 page layout in the Saturday Evening Post in 1916. After World War I the cotton first felt mattresses were introduced.

By that time Simmons had acquired manufacturing locations in San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Seattle and Atlanta. Simmons used that network to create a nationwide service station where you could see samples of the beds in the store itself and then have the bed delivered to your home within 24 hours.

The Modern Business

Moving into the 1950’s Simmons Adjustable Beds Company had developed the first King and Queen size mattresses and they were prominently advertised in many mainstream publications.

Adjustments were made to the beds designs and new products were released over the next fifty years including the Backcare line whose specific intentions were to make sure you slept with proper spinal alignment. Over the last 10 years they have introduced the pocket coil system and a new mattress size, the Olympic queen which offers an additional 6 inches.

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